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Leo Koehler KSK Field Blouse PhantomLeaf WASP II

Leo Koehler KSK Field Blouse PhantomLeaf WASP II


Available in 14 days, delivery time 5-7 Tage

Product number: 161417.564.604
Product information "Leo Koehler KSK Field Blouse PhantomLeaf WASP II"

The command field blouse from Leo Köhler is a high quality and functional combat blouse, which is suitable for wearing under protective vests. To avoid secondary injuries in the event of fire, it does not contain any hard metal or plastic parts. All pockets and the front closure are therefore only provided with Velcro.


No hard metal or plastic parts.

All pockets and front closure with Velcro.

2 large patch breast pockets.

2 large upper arm pockets with Velcro surfaces.


Cuffs with adjustable Velcro.

Velcro for name strips on the chest.

IRR coating to reduce the IR signature.

Weight: approx. 640 g (size L).

So far, the PHANTOMLEAF® products have only been supplied to special units in the military and police at home and abroad. Their effect has been proven in action there. Due to the diverse demand, PHANTOMLEAF® has decided to also offer camouflage patterns for sale.

The result is the WASP II camouflage pattern, which combines an exclusive look with striking camouflage quality:

Unique breaking of the silhouette.

In combination with complex structural algorithms.

Targeted manipulation of human perception based on medical expertise.

As a result, the object to be camouflaged is much more difficult to detect from close to distant distance and this in front of a variety of backgrounds such as grass, dry branches, leaves in different colors and brightnesses of an operational area (see camouflage pattern zones below). This considerably expands the user's freedom of action.

PHANTOMLEAF® has developed a system of camouflage schemes that is consistently modular and coordinated for worldwide use:

WASP II in color variant Z2 (low growth) for regions with low-growing vegetation, such as grass and scrubland and in places rock and scree.

WASP II in the color variant Z3A (tall growth without snow cover) for use in areas with high vegetation, such as deciduous and coniferous forests, but also tropical jungles with a high level of adaptability for border areas such as bush and agricultural land or grass zones.

WASP II in color variant Z3b (tall stature with snow cover) for use in regions with vegetation and rocks and an interrupted snow cover.

WASP II in the color variant Z4 (construction) for use in humanly changed surroundings from urban terrain to large vehicles such as ships, aircraft and trains to special scenarios such as drilling rigs.



  80% Baumwolle, 20% Polyamid (Ripstop-Gewebe)