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Phantomleaf Python Leaves G1
When developing the PHANTOMLEAF® PYTHON LEAVES 3D leaf imitations, various aspects had to be taken into account: On the one hand, large volume and thus a maximum 3D effect should be created and in a natural-looking shape, on the other hand, entanglement in vegetation should be reduced as much as possible. The aim was to give the user the opportunity to change the 3D elements very quickly and thus optimally adapt to his current application scenario. They can be knotted individually to match the basic pattern in the articles in the specially developed slit tape and camouflage loops. The leaf imitations are particularly suitable for scenarios with a leafy environment. In contrast to many other products, both sides of the leaf imitations are printed. This means that there are no noticeable "speed cameras" when the 3D element rotates in motion. Different colors, e.g. Mix Z2, Z3a and Z4 and also mix in the PYTHON THREADS. There are no limits to creativity here! Important NOTE: In order to get the optimal camouflage result, please always use the leaf imitations that match the basic color of the product that is equipped with it in the appropriate place: Mainly light green imitation leaves on mainly light green product areas, mainly dark brown imitation leaves on mainly dark brown product areas! Scope of delivery: 10 individual sheet imitations. Weight: approx. 30 g / set of 10. PHANTOMLEAF® has developed a new type of mesh material especially for the needs of Special Forces: the PYTHON product line. The target points were: Complete camouflage in the visual and near infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Reduced gloss level and low noise. Inherently flame retardant. Very tear-resistant and tightly woven: less entanglement in thorns and a barrier against vectors (disease-transmitting organisms). Extra light and small in pack size. Low water absorption and quick drying. So far, the PHANTOMLEAF® products have only been supplied to special units in the military and police at home and abroad. Their effect has been proven in action there. Due to the diverse demand, PHANTOMLEAF® has decided to also offer camouflage patterns for sale. The result is the WASP II camouflage pattern, which combines an exclusive look with striking camouflage quality: Unique breaking of the silhouette. In combination with complex structural algorithms. Targeted manipulation of human perception based on medical expertise. As a result, the object to be camouflaged is much more difficult to detect from close to distant distance and this in front of a variety of backgrounds such as grass, dry branches, leaves in different colors and brightnesses of an operational area (see camouflage pattern zones below). This considerably expands the user's freedom of action. PHANTOMLEAF® has developed a system of camouflage schemes that is consistently modular and coordinated for worldwide use: WASP II in color variant Z2 (low growth) for regions with low-growing vegetation, such as grass and scrubland and in places rock and scree. WASP II in the color variant Z3A (tall growth without snow cover) for use in areas with high vegetation, such as deciduous and coniferous forests, but also tropical jungles with a high level of adaptability for border areas such as bush and agricultural land or grass zones. WASP II in color variant Z3b (tall stature with snow cover) for use in regions with vegetation and rocks and an interrupted snow cover. WASP II in the color variant Z4 (construction) for use in humanly changed surroundings from urban terrain to large vehicles such as ships, aircraft and trains to special scenarios such as drilling rigs. 100% made in Germany.   Material:  Netzmaterial 100% Polyester (inhärent FR PES).